Employers - Automatic Re-Enrolment

Employers - Automatic Re-Enrolment

18 October 2017

Now that many employers have auto-enrolment up and running, you need to be aware of your on-going responsibilities with regards to re-enrolment of workers every 3 years.

Workplace pensions are now commonplace and, through auto-enrolment, many people have started saving something towards their retirement.

As an employer, you not only have the on-going responsibilities for making contributions through your payroll, you must also re-enrol eligible workers who are not part of the scheme every three years, even the ones who opted-out first time round.

Read our guide on Managing Automatic Re-Enrolment as it pays to plan ahead of your re-enrolment date which has a degree of flexibility.  The guide has some helpful tips regarding setting your re-enrolment date, identifying eligible workers and the administrative process.

Get in touch with Aine O'Hagan to discuss any issues you may have about the re-enrolment process

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