Corporation Tax - Patent Box Regime

25 June 2012

From 1 April 2013, HMRC will introduce a new Patent Box regime. Those companies who meet the necessary conditions and elect to take part in the scheme will benefit from the opportunity to have profits generated from patents and patented products taxed at an effective corporation tax rate of 10%.

The Patent Box will potentially benefit a wide range of companies which receive patent royalties, sell patented products, or use patented processes as part of their business. Companies which claim Research and Development relief are not precluded from also benefiting from the Patent Box.

To avail of the regime, companies have to satisfy the following conditions:

  • The need to own or have exclusive licence to use a patent in developing patented products and processes
  • The patent must be granted by either the UK Patent Office or the European Patent Office
  • They need to be involved in the active development or application of the patent

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Patent Box Regime


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