Tax Residency & Domicile

Tax Residency & Domicile

13 March 2017

Generally you are taxed by the country where you are 'tax resident' and it is possible to be tax resident in 2 or more countries.

Read our Residence and Domicile Guide to the rules as they affect individuals, and why the matter.

To determine whether you are tax resident in the UK and whether you should pay tax on your worldwide income/gains to the UK, you need to use the Statutory Residence Test (SRT) to calculate the time spent in the UK and possibly examine your personal ties to the UK.

When you leave the UK to take residence in another country, you should complete tax form P85 to claim any tax repayment due to you.  You should also take advice about your tax obligations in your new country of residence.

If you own property in the UK talk to us about the implications of collecting rent and selling the property while non-resident.

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